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    € 0,00 / m²
    € 1,00 / pack
    Thickness Width


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    Eurothane G

    Price one m² and package VAT Not included

    Eurothane G : Lambda = 0.023 w/mK


    Sold by complete package

    Dimensions plate: 1200x2600mm


    Thickness Width Rd-value m²/package Pannels/package
    20 + 9,5mm 1200mm 0,90 124,80 40
    30 + 9,5mm 1200mm 1,35 93,60 30
    40 + 9,5mm 1200mm 1,80 74,88 24
    50 + 9,5mm 1200mm 2,25 62,40 20
    60 + 9,5mm 1200mm 2,70 53,04 17
    80 + 9,5mm 1200mm 3,60 40,56 13
    100 + 9,5mm 1200mm 4,50 31,20 10

    the ideal interior isulation

    Why not choose Eurothane G for renovating your loft or attic?

    Eurothane G

    Eurothane G, the ideal interior insulation, is a unique and durable product by Recticel Insulation. You don't just get a perfect insulating shield with a high insulation value - you can also depend on a new wall surface that is ready to hang or to paint. To this end, Eurothane G insulation is covered on one side by a gypsum cardboard sheet. In addition, there is a moisture barrier between the gypsum and the insulation.


    For renovations or remodelling your loft or attic, for instance, Eurothane G is highly practical. You only need to use these thin panels, thanks to their outstanding and durable insulation value. You can therefore gain added interior space along with perfect insulation.

    Eurothane G

    Eurothane G is exceptionally suitable for attic or interior insulation for walls and ceilings. The installation of the panels, whether with adhesive plaster or by mechanical fasteners, is easy and efficient. Your project will be completely finished in a minimum amount of time.

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