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    € 0,00 / m²
    € 1,00 / pack
    Thickness Width


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    Eurofloor 300

    Price one m² and package VAT Not included

    Eurofloor: lambda = 0.023 W/mK


    Dimensions plate: 1200x600mm

    Straight edges

    sold by complete package

    Delivery time: 2 to 3 weeks

    Thickness Width Rd-value m²/package Panels/package
    60mm 1200mm 2.50 5.76 8
    80mm 1200mm 3.30 4.32 6
    100mm 1200mm 4.15 3.60 5



    The new 300 eurofloor floor insulation is more compact and stronger.

    New construction or renovation: the floor-insulation boards with a compressive strength of 300 kPa (3 kg/cm² or 30 tons/m2 at 10% distortion) are ideal for floors that heavy loads. Also hard-to-reach areas (such as attics, garages and hallways) are now easier, thanks to the convenient, isolate smaller size (600 x 1200 mm).

    The eurofloor 300 insulation plates have a core of rigid polyurethane foam faced on both sides and have a matte grey, alkali-resistant coating with handy grid pattern. The plates are ultra thin, giving you a lot of space in the building WINS.

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    Tell us what you think

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