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Belgium: < € 200 = € 30  > €200 Free delivery




Credit Card
You can use your credit card information through our secure SSL procedure safely and we will make with your credit card company for proper handling. 
This payment can be directly during the ordering process the payment through your own bank. You pay in your trusted Internet payment, based on specific security methods of your own bank.
Information about invoices and payments

All necessary information regarding billing and payment can be consulted in the e-mail that is sent when the payment has been completed.


Return conditions

Used, damaged or incomplete products are non-returnable.

If you received an item damaged, please refer to FAQ warranty.

Returns are at the risk of the purchaser. This means that we are not liable for damage or loss of items controlled return.

Ordering & Delivery

How do I place an order

To place an order , you will need an account. You can choose to be customized and create an account. During the ordering process Follow the steps as shown on your screen . For subsequent orders , you can use this account .

You can also choose to first create an account. To create an account click on the upper right of the page to account . Then click on ' I am a new customer . " Now you can enter your data . Once you have successfully logged in, you can place an order.

Placing an order is described below step by step .

Step 1 : Click on the desired article on ' Add to Cart '

Step 2 : Click on 'Buy' ( or 'continue shopping' if you want to order more items )

Step 3: Check the details of your order .

Here you can see what is in your shopping cart . To complete the order at a later time you can use the items in your shopping cart on your bucket locations .

You can choose the billing address and delivery address of the order.

If you order multiple items at one time , we will do our best to also once delivered . All items with you The delivery of your entire order will be equal to that of the product with the longest delivery time. This is not possible if the delivery time between the different articles is too large or when an order is a combination of Dutch books and other items . These are namely sent from various distribution points . If you prefer to get all the items delivered as quickly as possible independently, you can specify it here .

Step 4: If all your data are properly displayed , click ' to pay '

Step 5 : Select the desired payment method and fill in the code of your coupon , gift card or gift certificate

Step 6 : Make your final order by clicking on ' Send Order ' button.

Delivery times

We do our best to make your orders as quickly as possible at home to deliver. If it lasts longer than 5 days to your order on the status "sent" to stand, you can feel free to contact us. If this is not the case, we kindly ask you to be patient.


On the basis of the received mails you the status of your order immediately. If you have received an email containing the indication that your product is shipped, we kindly ask you to be patient. If you are within a certain period your product is still not received, you can feel free to contact us. Please have your mail at hand so that we can keep you as soon as possible and as easy as possible to help.

Delivery of an order

If you have multiple products at once ordered products then you have the longest delivery time. This as we do our best to all products in one transmission.


What guarantee do we offer?

Any products you buy from us, the legal warranty. This means that an article must be in good condition and with normal use should duly correctly. When you receive an item that is not the case, we can provide you as soon as a suitable solution.

Additionally apply to certain items factory warranties. A manufacturer's warranty is an extra guarantee issued by the importer or manufacturer. The manufacturer or importer may itself impose conditions on this warranty.

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